Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

” This is clear blue water…Hammad & Al-Mehdar are embedding themselves into the community.” Judges, HR Lawyer Awards 2010

As a leading international law firm, we recognise our responsibilities to our clients, members of the firm, suppliers and the wider communities in which we live and work. This includes our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact.

Led by Colin Passmore, our senior partner, a corporate responsibility (CR) project was begun in 2007, with the aim of ensuring that all the good initiatives already underway were brought together, providing focus, clarity and direction. In doing this we have succeeded in strengthening the overall approach and contribution of Simmons & Simmons to CR.

The Hammad & Al-Mehdar Corporate Responsibility Review 2010/11

Find out more about our CR achievements and the challenges we faced in 2010/11 in the second of our annual corporate responsibility reviews.

Click here to view the online version of our corporate responsibility review 2010/11.

To view our CR review 2009/10 click here.

Our CR strategy

Our strategy focuses on four themes: governance; addressing social exclusion; providing a challenging and supportive working environment; and environmental sustainability.

We demonstrate our commitment to our stakeholders by:

  • providing legal services according to the highest ethical and professional standards
  • integrating diversity into all of our activities and creating an inclusive environment in which all can fulfil their potential
  • operating from day to day in an environmentally and socially responsible way, for example, by minimising material use and recycling where cost effective and appropriate
  • engaging in pro bono programmes where our lawyers provide legal advice on a free or discounted basis to charities and those in need
  • aiming to support and strengthen local communities, for example, through various school mentoring schemes
  • actively promoting and participating in payroll giving and donations through the Simmons & Simmons Charitable Foundation
  • promoting the advancement of and participation in the arts and cultural life, for example, through our recognised contemporary art collection