About Hammad & Al-Mehdar Law Firm


the law firm of Hammad & Al-Mehdar was founded in 1983 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Hammad & Al-Mehdar is considered to be one of the leading firms with an international dimension and practice, and has since expanded to become one of the largest groups of Saudi Arabian lawyers working together in private practice.

Hammad & Al-Mehdar provides legal assistance and consultation in the major areas of Saudi law. We specialize in the role of providing legal advice to the corporate sector and working on cutting-edge, complex and high-value transactions or disputes.

With legal experience of over 25 years, Hammad & Al-Mehdar has been an attractive firm to form an alliance with, both locally and globally.

Since 2008, Hammad & Al-Mehdar has been part of a strategic alliance with the renowned Malaysian law firm of Shahrizat Rashid & Lee. The alliance was formed to strengthen the commercial and social ties between Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Hammad & al-Mehdar has successfully assisted many Malaysian investors to enter the Saudi market and conduct their business. By providing quality consultation built on years of experience, Hammad & al-Mehdar aims to ensure the success of the investments by taking all proper measures and providing a comprehensive overview.

In May 2011, the internationally renowned law firm of Simmons & Simmons LLP entered an exclusive alliance with Hammad & al-Mehdar. Simmons & Simmons is one of the most recognized law firms worldwide, and is a leading international law firm with fully integrated teams working from offices in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The firm’s strategy is designed to ensure it provides clients with high-quality advice and delivers value through new ways of working.

Simmons & Simmons applies considerable expertise to all business sectors, but focuses on energy and infrastructure, financial institutions, life sciences, and technology, media and telecommunications (TMT). It acts regularly on the most innovative cases, deals and transactions in its chosen areas of specialism and receives recognition for the quality of its work from clients and others within these industry sectors.

Hammad & al-Mehdar takes pride in its people and international allies, and is dedicated to using its resources to provide the best service possible.

Practice Areas and Selected Experience

Hammad & Al-Mehdar offers a wider range of legal services to both local and international clients which very few other firms in the country can match.  Our key areas of practice include:

  1. Financial Markets, Islamic Finance and Banking
  2. Commercial Transactions
  3. Foreign Direct Investment
  4. Company Formation and Structuring
  5. Real Estate
  6. Corporate and Civil Litigation
  7. Family Business Re-Organization
  8. Inheritance and Estate Structuring

    Hammad & Al-Mehdar is a modern, progressive firm and has excellent relationships in the region

    Tim Field, ex-Head of Simmons & Simmons in Middle East